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About C-CAT

How did we get here?

Armed with technical brilliance, family support and belief in this unique material system, Francis Schwind founded C-CAT in 1988 following the successes of the carbon-carbon on the TPS of the space shuttle. He brought to C-CAT a 'can-do' ethos of eager experimentation coupled with an uncompromising commitment to deliver the best possible product. 

Over the ensuing decades, C-CAT continues to embrace this small business 'can-do' ethos. The unique collaboration between our production staff and engineering teams ensure consistent quality and an exceptional product. 

Founder Francis Schwind with Astronaut Judy Resnick

C-CAT founder, Francis Schwind, being recognized for his contributions to the Space Shuttle program by Astronaut, Judy Resnick

Ablated leading edge specimen after testing at interaction heating facility.

About Carbon-Carbon

Our Unique Material

If you know about us, you probably know carbon-carbon. As the developers of one of the most mature and robust TPS material systems for hypersonic flight, we are proud of our reputation. If this is your first time seeing the term, carbon-carbon (C-C) refers to a carbon matrix composite reinforced by carbon fibers, hence "carbon-carbon".

Our material is capable of maintaining structural stability well in excess of 4000 °F and has the tensile strength comparable to many standard carbon-steels at a mere fraction of the weight. In an industry where weight, strength and heat resilience are everything, carbon-carbon is a winning material solution.

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